Personal Training

Effective 1/01/13 – 12/31/13

Personal training is ideal for the athlete living in the Salt Lake City area who prefers to train on their own or for a person who needs individual attention and/or one-on-one coaching in any one, or all three, triathlon disciplines.

Let us know if you are preparing for a major event (like a Marathon, Half or Full IM) and we will prepare a specific plan for you to follow.

Monthly Personal Training Plan Set-Up Fee/Fitness Evaluation = $250.00

  • Assessment of athlete’s personal history and experience in the sport.
  • Current fitness evaluation in three, one hour sessions (Swim, Bike, Run).
  • TFL training protocols are established and put into action for the athlete.

Monthly Personal Training Plan (MPTP) = $150.00 (3 month minimum)

  • The MPTP will be focused on a specific major event or “A race” with other key races prioritized, within the plan, for the duration the athlete’s triathlon season.
  • MPTP is delivered to the athlete via email on the first of every month.
  • Adjustments will be made to the MPTP, when needed, due to changes in athletes. schedule, injuries, personal crisis, etc.
  • Unlimited email access.
  • Three 30 min. phone calls per week.
  • Specific HR training zones will be established for athlete.
  • If you have a power meter, specific training protocols will be established.
  • Monitoring of nutritional plan (NP).
  • Coach will provide various energy sources and nutritional supplements for athlete to test. Discounted pricing will be available to the athlete on most of these items.
  • Core strength/weight training exercises will be incorporated into the athletes MPTP.
  • All individuals on the MPTP must undergo a fitness evaluation ($250.00).

Personal Training = $70.00/hour

  • This rate applies to any one-on-one training session (Swim, Bike, Run, Weight Training or Nutritional Consultation).

V02 Max and Lactate Threshold testing is available upon request. Please email me about scheduling and pricing teamfastlane@comcast.net.

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Personal Training